Nine Wonderful Words About Words

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That’s a Tiffany Blue, darling. (The Hobbit BTS)

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this guy is systematically undoing the world

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#and you cry for all the stories you’ll never know #like how they became friends#did Danny let Jackson have one of his crayons and they were bonded for life? #or was it in middle school when they wore the same shirt to school #and were gonna hate each other but Jackson scoffed like i wear it better #totally expecting Danny to agree and Danny was all lol no you don’t #and they discovered they were one#what about their life after high school #did they have plans #were they gonna go Vegas for Danny’s 21st #did Jackson ever let Danny drive the Porsche #when Danny had his first boyfriend did Jackson try to vet him first? #HOW DID DANNY FEEL ABOUT LYDIA? #all this shit we’ll never know #ugh my boys (via halesparkles)

#and danny was jackson’s only friend #the only one other than Lydia to ever break through the cold exterior and worm his way into Jacksons heart #and what about when jackson left??? #danny lost his best friend #most underrated character on the whole show #and that’s including coach finnstock #i would never ask Danny to move

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if multiple girls named paige hang out together is it called a chapter?

my name is paige and i’m here to tell you that this is indeed true

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